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China and Germany to Strengthen Cooperation in Microgravity
Update time: 2012-09-26 09:10:01
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"5th China-Germany Workshop on Microgravity and Space Life Sciences" organized by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS),Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA),German Aerospace Center(DLR) was held on 10th to 15th September in Rottach-Egern. About 120 participants from academia, industry and space authorities attended the workshop.Tao Zhang,Weibo Zheng et al from Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics(SITP) have participated the meeting.

The scientists presented their findings from space experiments and accompanying soil studies and discuss future opportunities for collaboration. The core of the results of the Sino-German cooperation project is "SIMBOX on Shenzhou-8".A non-Chinese experimental facility -the German incubator SIMBOX- aboard the Chinese spacecraft Shenzhou in November 2011,Seventeen Germany, Chinese and common biomedical experiments were carried out successfully.

Talks between the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Chinese partners China Manned Space Engineering Office (CMSEO), the Academy of Opto-Electronics (AOE) and the China Astronaut Centre on expanding their cooperation after the successful SIMBOX / Shenzhou project has already begun and will be continued in the fall of 2012 in China. Using a newly developed thermal sensor for measuring core body temperature - first in soil studies and then to Chinese astronauts - is already being planned.

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