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Professor Zhang Chao from University of Wollongong visited SITP
Update time: 2013-04-19 09:47:36
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April 15, 2013, Professor Zhang Chao from Australia University of Wollongong was invited to visit the National Laboratory for Infrared Physics. During his visit, he gave an academic talk entitled "Specular Andreev Reflection in the Interface of a Two-Dimensional Semiconductor with Rashba Spin-Orbit Coupling and a Superconductor”. He introduced his latest theoretical research work on the phenomenon of anomalous electron specular reflection and Retro reflection in the interface of a two-dimensional semiconductor, a Superconductor, and bilayer graphene system. His report was attractive and aroused further discussion. Professor Hu Yibin asked if there are abnormal hole specular reflection and Retro reflection in another situation of the system, which called professor Zhang Chao’s attention to this point. Prof. Zhang warmly welcomed researchers to participate in the work together to carry out this problem.


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