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About SITP

Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics (SITP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is one of the leading institutes in the area of infrared photoelectric technology in China. It was cofounded by CAS and Fudan University in October 1958 and became an independent CAS institute in 1961. The institute is a comprehensive research-oriented state-owned institute with tremendous strength that engages in basic and applied research and the industrialization of new high technologies.

The primary research areas of SITP are the application of infrared physics and optoelectronics technology with particular attention to new infrared photoelectric materials, devices and methods, etc. In addition, SITP focuses on developing advanced airborne and space-borne payloads, infrared staring imaging and signal processing, infrared focal plane arrays and infrared photoelectric devices, optical coatings, miniature coolers, medical image processing and remote sensing information processing, etc. The institute comprises 13 research departments, a national key laboratory for infrared physics, a national key laboratory for sensors (the photo-sensor branch) and four CAS key laboratories.


Job type


Excellent Young Researchers


Employment status




Person, who meet all of the following requirements:

l  Must have a Ph.D. and possess advanced research experience in Optical engineering, Condensed matter physics, Electronics Science, Instrument Science, Materials Science, Control Science, Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering, Semiconductor physics, and Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics, or a closely related field.

l  In addition, we seek candidates with a strong expertise in the following professional skills: 2D Materials, IC Design, MEMS, Infrared Physics & Technology, Control Systems Engineering, Signal Processing and etc.

l  Research track record and proof of an ongoing commitment to research activities, and should have a number of publications in international requited journals.

l  Ability to work in a team.



We support world-class scientific instruments and research environment.

Salary: Based on the Pay Regulations for Faculty of SITP

Other benefits: housing allowance, transfer allowance, etc. Assisting candidate and his/her family to registered permanent resident in Shanghai.


How to apply

Application materials should include a cover letter, a current curriculum vitae, a research plan, copies of three key publications and a list of 3-5 references who will send letters when requested. Please send the application materials to Mr. Zhong at sitphr@mail.sitp.ac.cn.

If you need further information about us, you could also visit our website at www.sitp.ac.cn.


Contact us

Mr. Zhong / Mrs. Chou

Tel: +86-21-25051032/25051030

E-mail: sitphr@mail.sitp.ac.cn