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International Cooperation of SITP
Update time: 2009-08-27 10:09:39
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As a research institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, SITP has always adopted an open attitude toward the international cooperation and exchange and paid more attention to the practical results. The international cooperation and exchange is an important approach for SITP to become one of the world-class research organizations. According to the international development trend in the new period, SITP is now making incessant efforts to create an excellent management system and a proper academic environment corresponding to international practice so as to internationalize the talented personnel and improve its international exchange and cooperation in science and technology.

SITP mainly carries out the international exchange and cooperation via a platform, its National Laboratory for Infrared Physics in the basic research field. It has established long-term and closed relationships with the related organizations of USA, Russia, Canada, France, Japan, Australia, Britain and Swiss etc. in the international cooperation and exchange in the fields of “solar cell technology” and “basic physics research on infrared detection”. And in the fields of “medical digitalization technology” and “Utrasonic motor technology” etc., it has also formed good relationships with the related organizations of Finland, Canada, Russia, and Japan etc.. Both sides have made applications for the international scientific and technological cooperation projects to their governments and non-government communities and have gotten finacial aids from them.


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