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    Int'l Cooperation News
Professor Zhang of Canada Concordia University visited SITP for...12-08-20

Professor James Torley visited SITP11-01-20

Mr. Alfred Yi Cho Visited SITP10-09-28

SITP, RAL to See Cooperation10-08-27

Professor Ralph James, President of SPIE visited SITP09-04-01

Specialists from NREL of the U.S. Department of DOE Visited Our...09-03-13

Representatives from the 37th Meeting of the L.G.S.O Working Gr...08-09-23


China"s environment monitoring satellites start operation08-09-10

FY-3 Satellite Sends Back First Nephogram08-06-10

China publishes first moon picture08-01-02

HY-1B satellite orbiting completed07-05-18

HY-1B orbit remote sensing satellite obtained the first set of ...07-05-18

Glass Break Detector Won an International Award in 200607-04-29

Radiometer onboard FY-2D weather satellite working smoothly07-03-13

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