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FY-2 (Fengyun-Ⅱ) F Satellite officially in-orbit delivers for use
Update time: 2012-09-18 13:29:56
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FY-2 (Fengyun-Ⅱ) F Satellite officially in-orbit delivers for use

On August 20, the in-orbit delivery of Fengyun-2F satellite has realized. The in-orbit delivery ceremony, of which the aim is communicating the in-orbit and application situation, is held in Beijing.  The leaders and experts of related department, such as China Meteorological Administration、General Armament Department、 State Administration of Science,Technology and Industry for National Defence and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation have attended the cermony.

It is reported that, after Fengyun-2F satellite successfully launched, the in-orbit and operational testing show that the satellite and ground system running stable and reliable at present. Since the F satellite ground application system has put into operation trial run on April 1, 2012, the observational data have been processed to generate 17 quantitative and 8 kinds of image products. Beside that, regional intensive observation of Fengyun-2F satellite has been started 6 six times for the typhoon emergency during June to August this year. The highest time frequency is up to 5 minutes / times.

The scanning radiometer of Fengyun-2F satellite, which is manufactured by Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, effectively improves the quantitative accuracy of satellite remote sensing data. Because the 5 detection channels have added stringent spectral response limit box, they can effectively guarantee the detection of quantitative and realize global Surveyor consistency. It makes continuous observation data of the multi-satellite applied to forecast, forecasting and research better. Additional "blinds" of the main optical path can block the disturbance of non-observation target visible light and this method can effectively inhibit the visible stray light up to 90%. China Meteorological Administration indicates that the in-orbit delivery of Fengyun-2F satellite is a sign that Chinese geostationary meteorological satellite has entered a new stage. Its launch and operation make the "double star observation, in-orbit backup copy " business pattern of geostationary meteorological satellites be further consolidated and developed. The in-orbit testing of Fengyun-2F satellite goes well and Fengyun-2F satellite has many advantages, such as investing the operation trial run fast、high-performance technology, stable operation, and good condition. It plays a prominent role in our country's disaster prevention and mitigation as well as ensuring economic and social development.

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