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Professor Zhang of Canada Concordia University visited SITP for visiting and exchange
Update time: 2012-08-20 08:21:46
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Professor Zhang Xiupu of Canada Concordia University visited SITP for visiting and exchange upon SITP Researcher Gong Haimei’s invitation on July 4, 2012.Deputy head Dai Ning, researcher Chen Jianxin, Wang Shaowei, Chen Pingping, Li Xue and several academic backbones from Major State Basic Research Development Program (2012CB619200) attended this interchange activity.

Deputy head Dai Ning began with a speech to welcome prof.Zhang for visiting SITP, and expected to further boost exchange and cooperation between us. Prof.Zhang introduced the long history, the general survey and college settings of Concordia University, and briefly presented research progress about wireless transmission, photonic Integrated Circuit, quantum dot laser and so on. Researcher Gong Haimei presented research fields and relevant materials of National Laboratory for Infrared Physics, and expounded research status, research and application for whole machine system of research laboratory for principle device. Furthermore, all participants had a lively discussion and interflow about the peculiar phenomena, work mechanism and applications of quantum dot laser, and preparation method and applications of single photon source and single photon detector.

This exchange activity had strengthened bilateral comprehend, stirred up inspiration of innovation, and laid the foundations for both sides follow-up in-depth cooperation and exchange.

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