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FANG Jiaxiong:Chinese Academy of Enginnering:Academician
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FANG Jiaxiong
Chinese Academy of Enginnering:Academician


--- Expert in photo-sensors, born in Shexian county, Huangshan city, Anhui. He graduated from physics Department, Nanjing University in 1962 and finished postgraduate education in Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) in 1966. He is currently Research Professor, Shanghai institute of technical Physics, CAS. Elected as Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2001.

Main Work and Achievements :

   --- He took part in the research and development on the photo-electrical phenomena and devices in semiconductors from 1962 to 1977. Then He has been involved in II-VI compound semiconductors and space-borne photosensors. He conducted the development of space-borne infrared sensor for FenYun-1 meteorological satellite in China. He put forward the concept of engineering parameter of merit, the Spectral Band Detectivity, of IR sensors made in II-VI compound semiconductors with variable-energy-gap and its measurement method.

    He solved the basic problems of technology and engineering issues for several kinds of space-borne infrared sensor in order to realize the remote sensing for wavelength range from 1μm to 15μm, which meet the need of new-type spaceborne remote sensing systems in China. He presented the first module project of multi-spectral infrared focal plane arrays in China and successfully developed them. Based on the works of his R&D group, several kinds of multi-spectral infrared sensor module are operating on Satellites FY-1FY-2 and Spacecraft SZ-3, and also used for airborne remote sensing system, industry, traffic, environment, medicine.

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