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CHEN Guilin:Chinese Academy of Sciences:Academician
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CHEN Guilin
Chinese Academy of Sciences:Academician




Main Work and Achievements :

    CHEN Guilin, an expert in space infrared remote sensing, male, born in Dec 1941, native of Fujian. Graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University, majoring in electronic computer. Now, professor of the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, CAS and deputy chief engineer of FY-2 geostationary meteorological satellite. He was elected an academician of CAS in 2001.

He has been engaged in the research on infrared optoelectronics in front line for a long time and is the academic leader in the research on infrared optoeletronic remote sensing for geostationary meteorological satellites of our country. The multi-channel scanning radiometers, the core detection instruments for FY-2 meteorological satellites developed by him were used onboard FY-2A satellite in 1997 and onboard FY-2B in 2000 respectively. In the development, he established and implemented the total schemes which were advanced in technology and met the condition of our country, determined and organized the breakthrough of several key technologies in space opto-mechnical scanning and infrared detection and developed the radiation calibration technology for space infrared remote sensors of our country. After his hard working of more than ten years, the quality of three kinds of images acquired by the geostationary meteorological satellites of our country has reached the level of those images acquired by the similar satellites of foreign countries on the whole. This is an important breakthrough in space infrared optical remote sensing of our country.

After 2000, he began to be reponsible for developing the five-channel scanning radiometers for FY-2C, FY-2D and FY-2E satellites and the first of them was successfully used onboard the FY-2C satellite launched in 2004. This made the first generation spin geostationary meteorological satellite of our country had the main technical performance of the imager onboard the second generation application satellite abroad and played a key role in the operational application of the geostationary meteorological satellite in China.


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