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XUE Yongqi:Chinese Academy of Sciences:Academician
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XUE Yongqi

Chinese Academy of Sciences:Academician


Yongqi Xue, infrared and remote sensing technique specialist, was born in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province in January 1937. He graduated from Department of Physics of the East China Normal University in 1959. He is currently a Research Professor of Shanghai Institute of Technical physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was elected as academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1999.

Main Work and Achievements :

He has been engaged in infrared acquisition and multispectral remote sensing technique for more than 40 years. He successfully developed infrared scanners, multispectral scanners, imaging spectrometers, hyper spectral imaging systems one after another, and provided several advanced remote sensing means for the foundation of China’s operational airborne remote sensing system and promoted the application of remote sensing technique in China. Being the first in China to develop the three-dimension imaging remote sensing technique, he combined the scanning spectral imaging with laser scanning ranging and realized fast forming digital elevation model and geo-reference images without ground control points, which is particularly suitable for beach, desert, islands and so on, where there are poor transport facilities. This is a real-time and high effective new remote sensing system.

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