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SHEN Xuechu:Chinese Academy of Sciences:Academician
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SHEN Xuechu

Elected as a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences (section of Math. & Physics) in 1995





Main Work and Achievements :

    Physicist, born in Liyang Jiangsu, finished undergraduate study in Fudan University in 1958. Shen has been a professor of Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) for long time; he was appointed as the director of the department of infrared physics when the department was established in 1981, and became the director of the laboratory when the department developed into a key Lab., CAS as well as the state key Lab. for infrared physics between 1985 to 1989. He continued the director-ship between 1989 and 1993, and has been the chairman of the scientific council of the Lab. since 1993. Shen has been also a professor of Fudan University since 2001. Shen has kept quite a few leading positions in international scientific organization and journals, as the examples he has been the member of international organization committee (IOC) for international conference organization of infrared, millimeter waves and tera-hertz electronics (IRMMW-THz), the member of the editorial board for the international journals of “Semiconductor Sciences and Technology” as well as“Solid State Communication”. Shen’s main research field is solid state spectroscopy and their experimental methods; the related results can be sampled as follow: Proposed and performed some experimental methods such as resonant excitation spectroscopy of photo-modulation spectra, modulated absorption spectroscopy under hydrostatic pressures, cyclotron resonance induced & enhanced due to interband and excitonic transitions, which make it possible for the detection of many weak signals of solid state spectral phenomena; observed a new kind of localized vibration mode in semiconductor crystals, and thus promoted the investigation of the defect and impurity vibration in solids; observed the hybridization between d and p electrons in semi-magnetic semiconductors; measured the wavefunction mixture and re-composition of Zeeman hybridized (impurity) states under magnetic fields; observed and determined the quantized energy states in modulated doped multi-layer of GaAs, and thus revealed that this kind of micro-structure could form quantum wells and superlattices; increased greatly the sensitivity of photo-thermal ionization spectroscopy, and make it becoming important tool for some investigation of quantum mechanical phenomena and for the shallow impurity detection of ultra-pure semiconductors; observed a new donor center as well as quite a lot of spectral lines related with highly excited state of shallow impurities in Si. In addition the results related with co-existence of dual type of superlattices in InGaAs/GaAs multi-layer structures, and related with the long life-time of photo-excited carriers in nipi multi-layer structures, can also be mentioned. Shen concentrates now on the investigation as well as the manipulation of the quantum states, microscopic quantum interaction and their spectroscopic manifestation of different kinds of single and small quantum structures.      

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