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TANG Dingyuan:Chinese Academy of Sciences:Academician
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TANG Dingyuan
Chinese Academy of Sciences:Academician




Main Work and Achievements :

Physicist. Birth in Jin Tan, Jiangsu Province. He graduated from Chongqing Central University in 1942. He got the master degree from the Physics Department, Chicago University, USA in 1950. Now he is the professor of Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He found the phase transition of metal Ce under high pressure originates from the abrupt shrinkage of the atomic radii (i.e., the 4f electrons has been “pushed into” the 5d orbit). He created diamond pressure vessel, which has been one of the important components in the international high pressure physics. He has developed the subject of Narrow Band Gap Semiconductor in China, and leads the academic group to have systemically studied on the HgCdTe material, device and physics. He also created and attended the research of solar cell, thermoelectric cooling device, semiconductor energetic particle counter, and infrared detectors including PbS, thermometer, InSb, Ge:Hg, and HgCdTe, etc. Many of them have been applied in the advanced equipments of Chinese space remote sensing and military detection.

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