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Modified LPE technique growth and properties ...
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Update time: 2009-03-12 00:00:00
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    InAs0.05 Sb0.95 thick filmwith thickness of about 120 u mwas grown bymodified LPE technique on InAs substrate. The Fourier transforminfrared (FTIR) transmission measurement revealed that the cutoff wavelength (defined at the mid-transmittance) is 12.5 u m for InAs0.05 Sb 0.95 thick film. An electron mobility of 23,900 cm2/Vs with a carrier density of 2.37×1016 cm−3 at 300K has been achieved. The investigation of the lattice dynamics of InAs0.05Sb0.95 has been made by using Raman scattering. These results indicate its potential applications for infrared detectors in long wavelength range and high-speed electron devices. detail link

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