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Research Center for Advanced Materials and Devices
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  Research Center for Advanced Materials and Devices was established in 1999, for promoting the MCT IRFPA technology. Now there are 48 employees, including 81.3% middle-aged and young researcher, and about 20 graduated students in the center.


  The center has powerful research ability in the field of infrared photoelectric material, device and information processing technology. The study include growth of CdZnTe substrate and MCT epitaxy, the fabrication of MCT detector array, read-out circuit design, package of devices and characterization of IRFPA. In the center many research projects about IRFPA from the government are carried on. Engineering application of second generation MCT IRFPA technology was realized, specially succeeded in the national space field for the first time. Further 3rd generation MCT IRFPA technology is being promoting in the center.


  The Research Director:Ding,ruijun

  The Deputy Research Director:Yang,jianrong



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