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Detective Assembly Technology Department
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  Detective Assembly Technology Laboratory takes the integration and package technology of space used infrared detector and focal plane arrays(FPA) device as its main research direction, and develops new technology for next generation detective assembly.


  Over the years, the Detective Assembly Technology Laboratory has made solid contributions to national key projects including FY-1FY-2 Meteorological Satellite, the first ocean satellite HY-1,SZ-3 spaceship, many science and technology projects of 863 plan and applied basic research of Chinese academy of science, etc. Besides won the first class national prize as key component, the laboratory also won two Second Award and one Third Award of the Scientific and Technological Progress of the State, eleven Science and Technology Progress Prizes of the Ministry. Many great achievements have been obtained in recent five years including "Research on MCT material and device", "Water-vapor/infrared dual band detector in FY-2 satellite", and "Four band infrared FPA assembly".


  The development strategy of laboratory is focusing on supporting national key projects, researching and solving the integration and High reliability Packaging Technology of multispectral infrared detector and advanced FPA assembly which is needed in the coming ten to fifteen years, as well as the fundamental problems of application such as high reliability, long lifetime and next generation detector assembly.


  The development objective of laboratory is to establish the integration center of space used infrared detector assembly, which will play an important role in developing multi-band infrared detector assembly, and set up a world class technical team which is engaged in space used infrared detector integration technology


  Detective Assembly Technology Laboratory is determined the optical sensor professional units of state key laboratory of transducer technology .The research work focus on very long wave infrared detector and novel detector. About one hundred and fifty papers were published so far. Ten doctors and twenty masters have got their degrees.


  The Research Director:Gong,haimei

  The Deputy Research Director:Li,yanjing


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