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No.10 Department
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  The Device Department, whose main research direction is infrared and ultraviolet detection devices, is a big branch of SITP. Equal importance is attached to both theory research and practical application in the Device department, and its products are now used in many of the national space projects and the civil engineering. The department is made up of six groups, that is, material, polishing, thin film, wire bonding, test & QC. The above six groups undertake respectively material growing, chip shaping, film depositing, electrode making and performance testing of devices. Under the management of Li Xiangyang, all the groups put across all the engineering projects with close cooperation.


  At present, the department has 34 staffers, among which 12 are masters.

  The department main research includes the narrow gap semiconductor infrared detectors and wide band gap semiconductor ultraviolet detectors. It focuses on the developments of space borne MCT infrared detectors and ultraviolet focal plane array detectors, and keeps on improving devices photoelectric performance. Its research covers many fields such as material, film, chip technique, physics, test, analysis and focal plane array device electronics etc. And its work involves solid state physics, semiconductor physics, materials science, microelectronics device and technique etc.

  The infrared detectors made in the department mostly are used in the FY meteorological satellite series. And the detectors have awarded Shanghai Technology Progress Prize for their eminent achievement. The photon infrared detectors for temperature detection of the railroad car axle are applied in many high-speed domestic railways. The department is in the van of the ultraviolet detector research field and is in the stage of transferring the products with the techniques at present.


  The Research Director:Li,xiangyang



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