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No.9 Department
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The 9th engineering laboratory was newly founded in 2008 and its predecessor was a part of the 7th laboratory (space remote sensing general laboratory originally). It mainly carries out the overall research program on space optical earth remote sensing. And the specialty involves space optical, precision machinery, electronics, mechanics and thermology. The main tasks undertook at present mostly consists of infrared camera, imaging spectrometer,?HY-1 satellite(C/D) ocean color scanner and?study in advance on some of national key specials , which comes up to advanced domestic standard in the professions.

The achievements obtained are: SJ-7 test satellite is awarded the second award of national science and technology progress, HY-1B satellite is awarded the second award of national science and technology progress, SJ-7 test satellite is also awarded the first award of Shanghai science and technology progress, HY-1A satellite is awarded the first award of science and technology progress of the commission of Science.

The 9th l Engineering laboratory includes 27 active staff, 1 academician of China Engineering Academy and 5 research professors. It is a positive research community mainly by the youngsters. And it advocates team cooperation spirit with harmonious and active atmosphere. We hope more new perspective to join in our big family.

The Research Director:Feng,qi

The Deputy Research Director:Fu,yutian

The Deputy Research Director:Wei,jun

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