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  Optical coatings can be found in nearly every technical application and play a significant role in many fields development. Today, optical coatings have been regarded as one of the most important segment in optics technology. It can sufficiently improve the performance of whole optical system, satisfy the function requirements, and therefore is an intensively active research field worldwide.

  Earlier in 1964, the research in the field of optical coatings and infrared-transmitting materials was carried out in Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Science. A great progress has been made and the fruits have been harvested in space remote sensing, scientific research and other civil application. The effort in long-wave infrared filters and materials make the performance of our products achieves the highest level in the field of infrared optical coatings worldwide. Today, a department has been established aiming at research and development in the field of optical coatings and infrared coating materials, accompanied by optical replication and measurement technology. The products were applied in a broad spectral range from visible to long-wave infrared (0.4~16) to meet all kinds of requirements. Moreover, many endeavors have been done to focus on the researches on realization of micro-size optical coatings and system-on-a-chip, shift-free infrared optical coatings under cryogenic temperature, distinctive infrared high-index and low-index coating materials.


  The Research Director:Liu,dingquan

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