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  As one of the major research sections of SITP, Silicon-based Devices Research Division mainly covers R&D of Si-based photo-electronic devices, especially those applied for space remote sensing such as visible light detectors and signal readout integrated circuits. In order to follow up the national major strategic demands, the Division has been directing towards prototyping of novel visible-light, ultra-violet and infrared detectors for specific application in recent years. By independent innovation, the Division has successfully provided applied products for quite amount of major national civil and military projects.

  A characteristic of the Division is that it covers basic research, prototyping, design, fabrication and test all under one roof, which provides tremendous opportunities for cross interaction both in terms of basic research and applied research. The Division has a wide range of research activities, grouped under seven areas, namely (i) PIN photoelectric detector and module technology for space remote sensing application, (ii) single photon detection and signal processing technology, (iii) low noise CMOS detector and signal processing technology, (iv) MOS micro-resistor array for dynamic infrared simulation system, (v) high responsivity uncooled infrared detector and FPA, (vi) MEMS technology, (vii) photo-electronic devices for the use of light detection and measurement, photoelectric control and photoelectric coupling. Apart from basic research, the Division has been actively engaged in applied research and technology transfer.

  The Division currently has 27 staff. It has two laboratories with advanced equipment and facilities for supporting device fabrication processes, testing and analysis. The mission of the Division is to conduct leading-edge research, and to produce the highest quality of postgraduates to serve the society.

  The Research Director:Cheng,yongping


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