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No.2 Department
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  There are 55 employee and 60 graduate students in Lab.2, and among them there is an academician of CAS of China. Between the sixth “national five-year-program” and the ninth “national five-year-program ”of China , the Lab.2 engaged in the development of photoelectric remote sensing instruments such as airborne multi-spectrometer and infrared multi-spectral scanner .After the end of ninth “five-year-program ”, small satellite and space borne remote sensing payloads of infrared , hyperspectral imager or Lidar entered into the main development object of Lab.2, and remote sensing information application research and medical image information research extended the research domain as new upgrowth points, too.

  Here lists some representative projects developed successfully by the second Lab of SITP: Airborne Modular Imaging Spectrometer, Airborne 3-D imaging LIDAR , Airborne Pushbroom Hyperspectral Imager, space borne Laser Altimeter of Chang’E-1, infrared camera of environment and disaster-reduce small satellite , medical PACS and long-distance diagnoses system, water environment remote sensing index quantificational retrieval ,etc.

  The Research Director:Su,rong 




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