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No.1 Department
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  Department 1 of Engineering was founded on August 2007. At present, the staff of the department are 26,including 3 professors and 5 associate professors. The average age of the staff is about 34.There are 11 postgraduates in the department.

  The main research fields of the department are infrared earth sensors, experiment devices for space sciences, space lighting, space target exploration and so on.

  The IR earth sensor is one of the key instrument of satellite attitude control system.The activities in the field of earth IR sensors of our institute started in 1966.By now,4 different kinds of IR earth sensor,including Single Conical Scanning IR Earth Sensor, Dual Conical Scanning IR Earth Sensor,Static IR Earth Sensor and IR Focal Plane Array Detector Earth Sensor,have been developed in the department,and many IR earth sensors have been used in the different satellites in the past several decades in China.

  The categories of space science are various,such as physics, chemistry,life science, material science and so on,different experimental facilities are required in space science research.Many different experimental facilites have been developed in the department,including biobox,bioreactor, cell fusion apparatus,protein crystallization device,on-line observation device,and so on,and all of them have been applied in satellites and Shenzhou spacecrafts in China.Many more advanced experimental facilites fit for space life science and space material science are under being developed in the department.

  In space lighting field,high power LED lighting system designment and applications are the main research direction in the department.

  The group of the department is full of youthful spirity.We believe that there is a will,there is a way.

  The Research Director:Zhang,tao

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